Integrate your Data Providers with sophisTex

Nowadays, there is a huge pool of data available for enterprises. If utilized correctly, data can be an extremely powerful tool which can help you achieve drastic cost cuts, increased efficiency of internal and external operations as well as provide the best value for your customers. 

This data comes from various places such as customers, suppliers, production machines, sensors etc.  In order to be valuable, the huge volumes of data need to be organized and integrated to your SAP system.

sophisTex makes sure that the data supplied by the providers of your choice is integrated to your SAP system and is ready for a productive use. We perform:

  • Analysis of the data format: detect possible integrations and data quality activities. 
  • Integration of data providers into your SAP system: transform the data into needed formats, execute calculations on demand, import the data into SAP tables, connect the built tables to existing (or new) applications, import data in a given format into SAP so that it can be used from SAP standard applications. 
  • Implementation of auto-refresh or auto-import of data from given data sources.
  • One time integration (e.g., for migrations from legacy systems) is also possible.

Every stage of your integration is in safe hands with sophisTex’s full stack integration approach. We consult on how to efficiently perform the integration, execute, and validate your data provider’s integration into you SAP system follower by a hyper care phase. 

As a result, you are able to productively use data which provides an immense contribution to your overall business success. 

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