Bring your SAP PPM / SAP EPPM solution to the next level with the sophisTex PPM Process Package

The sophisTex PPM Process Package enables dynamic task and approval processing with an automated creation and deletion functionality, dynamic determination of task assignees, as well as parallel, sequential and mixed approval workflows with conditional approval steps.

A generic integration of SAP PPM objects allows automatic synchronization between portfolio item and operative project, as well as conditional project template selection and project creation.

This powerful extension is a must for efficient process and project management in SAP PPM / EPPM.

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The most powerful extension for your SAP PPM / EPPM! 

STX PPM Process Package: Features


  • Flexible and customizable graphical item creation process to fully cover all functional requirements and automatically detect item type, bucket, and more

  • Completely flexible data input for all standard and custom fields of item, project, and subordinate objects as well as custom tables incl. value helps configurable by domains or tables 


Built-in support for "multi-fields" / multiple selection incl. possibility to display comma-separated in the dashboard 


Clear and efficient classical project planning and Gantt planning 


Support of questionnaires with a simple modern UI 

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Dark mode support for a modern look & feel

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