Enable yourself and your team to successfully utilize your SAP solution and be accustomed to it from day one with training bootcamps provided by sophisTex. 

sophisTex Bootcamp Trainings

sophistex offeres bootcamp trainings which can be constructed onsite or remotely. Over the course of 6-14 weeks, we will focus on delivering a bundle of courses which will aim at your optimal enablement. 

sophisTex offers trainings for your internal and external staff with focus on the following topics:

  • ABAP development for beginners / Extended ABAP OO development.
  • ABAP WebDynpro development and usage of the Floorplan Manager framework.
  • Architecture of customer specific SAP applications.
  • Architecture of enhancements made to the SAP standard for classical SAPGUI and WebDynpro applications (Focus SAP PLM / PLM 7 / Logistics / SCM).
  • Organize and structure your internal development process and release cycles.

We first start our bootcamp by a kick-off session to give a complete overview of the learning structure, get the participants excited for the next few days and ensure that everyone is set for a successful participation in a bootcamp. 

Over the course of the bootcamp you will also have a lot of practical experience by being exposed to simulated project exercises. We could even organize a week where the participants work in teams to implement some functionality, after getting the first 1-2 weeks of trainings.  

Compared to other trainings offered, we centre the training content based on your target-audience. Trainings can also be held on your systems to maximize applicability in daily work and upcoming projects.

As a result, you get tailored enablement sessions which bring the most value to you and your stakeholders. 

sophisTex also conducts a mix between onsite and remote learning which enables you to take advantage of both enablement means. Naturally, extremely high hygiene standards and strictly followed heath regulations are always our top priority.

Contact us today to find out which learning is the best option for you. 

Bootcamp trainings are conducted together with our partner Quicksted GmbH. Find out more by visiting www.quicksted.com (Quicksted GmbH).



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