Utilize your SAP Agile system & SAP DevOps fully from day one with sophisTex.  

sophisTex will guide you to the optimal and smooth implementation of your project from day one and provide continuous support throughout the solution’s complete lifecycle. With our experts you will greatly improve your time to value and get the most of your SAP solution. 

Why Agile/Scrum System complimented by SAP DevOps & sophisTex?


In ever-changing digital economy, a system architecture which is built to adapt to new technological developments, updates and extension is the key for your company's success. Agile system enables you to:

  • Adjust the system to the constantly evolving market requirements in a timely manner.
  • Utilize the new technological advancements.
  • Make use of finished parts of developments productively, even before the rest is completed.

SAP DevOps

Agile setup of your SAP system facilitates you with rapid speed of innovation and adjustment of the system to the new market requirements.

In case if you enable your developers to also do the operation the two processes will be automatically synched. This will contribute to smooth implementation of further developments and new innovations. 

sophisTex Value Proposition

With DevOps on SAP, the developed code has the potential of being automatically moved to quality and production system. In this case it is important to have automated tests to ensure that only tested code is transported to your SAP systems. 

Having a line-based version control system, namely abapGit gives you the following possibilities: 

  • Cherry-picking: you can choose parts of the completed implementation and already move it to other systems while continuing to work on the unfinished code. 
  • Utilize an external source control to simplify code reviews.
  • Have a flexible and decentralized code synchronization which is saved locally on each device and merged afterwards. Thereby, safeguarding you from having a single point of failure. 
  • Track, easily merge and align all the code changes and revisions allowing you to save time and effort. 
  • Perform automated tests for bug and regression prevention. 
  • Achieve seamless collaboration and work on projects from anywhere by utilizing git hosting platforms such as GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket.

sophisTex Services for abapGit

  • Install, configure, and operate your abapGit.
  • Setup customizing based on your needs. 
  • Enable static code checks, unit, integration, and regressions tests be executed on each push to the server. 
  • Adjust your system so that tests are automatically executed whenever code changes need be moved to your Quality and/or Production system. 

sophisTex Services for Bitbucket, GitLab and GitHub

  • Setup, installation and configuration of your git’s hosting platform. 
  • Integration of your SAP systems into git and the hosting platform of your choice. 
  • Integration with Jira, Asana and other task management platforms with minimal effort.
  • Consulting and guidance to define the correct processes for your business needs. 

With sophisTex, only tested and smoothly running code can make it into your Production system.  

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