Have a great solution experience from the initial discovery phase to go-live and continuous improvement.  We will keep your system up to date and guide you towards optimal utilization of your SAP solution at every stage of its lifecycle. 

sophisTex Continuous Improvement services help you improve your new system landscape and enable you to exploit the full potential of SAP S/4HANA. The activities which sophisTex performs within the scope of continuous improvement are: 

  • Testing
  • Deployment 
  • Evaluation
  • Planning 
  • Design 
  • Development 

Depending on the chosen approach, old SQL views can be replaced by faster Core Data Services, standard transactions can be replaced by modern Fiori UIs that not only offer a new look and feel but are also available on your mobile devices.

Find out more by exploring our complete S4 ToolBox which sophisTex carefully designed to facilitate you with smooth solution experience from day one and beyond. 

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