Integrate your Web Applications with sophisTex

sophisTex provides integration services of your web applications such as E-Commerce or CRM systems into your SAP system. There are no trade-offs between using your existing web application or SAP GUI, our experts can combine both. 

We use the data from the existing web application including the user interface and parts of logic and connect them with an SAP system. To be sure that your data is all in sync we:

  • Sync the data on each change from both sides.
  • Only keep one version of the data (single source of truth). This is typically the SAP system to which the web application is integrated into. It will be connected to the web application's backend logic and in the new version, the web application will always request the SAP system for data. 

In case you want to build a supplier portal, web shop or a web application then you will benefit from having your own user interface. You will make sure that your application communicates your branding including own logo, colour scheme, structures etc. 

sophisTex can also build or modify your web application and connect your existing application to your current or new systems and sync the data or unite the data sources.  

Contact us today and set yourself up for a smooth integration of your web applications to your SAP system landscape.

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