PLM 7 Document Control+

Document Control+ for PLM 7 bundles Document enhancements in one solution and offers a full disablement of the ACL Whitelist functionality including deactivation of ACF Java Applets for SAP ECC 6.0 Enhancement Package 6/7/8 (EhP 6/7/8) or S/4HANA (any build). Express upload functionality seamlessly integrated into the standard Document WebUI directly uploads originals and checks them in.

Furthermore, a stand-alone WebDynpro application offers lean and simple express creation of Document Info Records (DIR) with and without originals.


The Document WebUI included in the SAP PLM 7 suite offers a full featured and feature rich web user interface.

However, the Whitelist functionality need to upload and download originals (files) to Documents can be troublesome dependending on the implementation scenario. It is loading Java Applets (ACF functionality) that can cause the used browser to freeze or crash. Whitelist distribution across all clients is always a pain-point and the Whitelist functionality cannot be deactivated in SAP standard.

The feature rich WebUI may also be too complex for some occasional users or for some use case scenarios.


sophisTex Document Control+ for PLM 7 bundles several  Document enhancements in one solution:

  • Fully disable Whitelist/ACF/Whitelist functionality in WebUI while still being able to upload/download original files.
  • Avoid Java Security popups and browser incompatibilities/freezes on the client.
  • Express upload originals in Document WebUI (one-click upload includes check-in and saving), seamlessly integrated into standard Document WebUI.
  • Stand-alone WebDynpro application offers Express Creation of new Documents and Versions with/without Originals.
  • Specify valid document and file types in customizing.
  • Enter document attributes and characteristics in a lean & simple pop-up window.
  • Document creation including attributes, originals & characteristics: 3 clicks.
  • No Java / JRE / JDK needed anymore to fully work with Documents & Originals in the SAP PLM WebUI.
  • Fully switchable add-on solution including BAdIs to implement your custom logic, e.g., before a document check-in.

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