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Optimize your business processes by having full access to all the necessary information of your whole company from a consistent single source of truth that you can always rely on - your SAP system. 

Why is it important to have a single source of truth and consistent data? 

Inconsistent data has the potential of creating costly mistakes during process operations. On the contrary, when every employee has access to consistent and up-to-date data, they can provide the current status at any point in a reliable way. This in turn immensely increases customer satisfaction. 

Furthermore, by having correct and well-organized data at any point, you make sure to avoid any legal issues due to data inconsistencies and discrepancies. Whether you need an audit proof system or to track every action or simply a straightforward and time effective way to access your data at any point, having an integrated and well managed system enables you to meet all these requirements. 

sophisTex Expertise in SAP PDMI / sophisTex as Subject-Matter-Expert for SAP PDMI

SAP Product Data Management Integration (PDMI) allows you to connect your PLM processes and systems in order to easily deliver a standardized data set with a common target state. One of our core competencies is to help you integrate one or multiple suite experience systems with this innovative technology for connecting your PLM systems centrally, in a harmonized way. sophisTex is a close SAP SE partner and subject-matter-expert for SAP PDMI implementations. We help to fully implementation, customize, enhance and run your PDMI integration scenario with PTC Windchill, Enovia 3DX and Siemens Teamcenter.

sophisTex Value Proposition

sophisTex supports you in integration and synchronization of your data, applications, and services to your SAP system. This enables you to simplify your operations and achieve high level of efficiency. 

The integration cycle operates as follows:  

  • Integrate your data and enable your SAP system to register inputs from your data provider and transform/import it automatically to the system in a correct and ready to use data structure.
  • Integrate your custom web application into the SAP system or connect it via oData so that it always uses the latest data coming directly from the SAP system (and so directly from the data provider!)
  • Integrate your services and have the SAP system call the external service provider and get the needed data automatically (as it always has the latest data), receive the service's response and automatically write it into the SAP system's database.

This cycle makes your SAP system a single source of truth and in this way, you achieve consistent and up-to-date data at all places.

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