sophisTex offers various add-on solutions and applications to increase the value and usability of your SAP PPM solution.

In a constantly changing world with flexible working spaces and working hours, it is important to have all data accessible at every moment from every location all around the world. With custom Fiori apps built around your SAP-PPM or SAP-PFM system, it is not only possible to enjoy the modern look and feel of SAP Fiori, but the apps are also usable from your smartphone or tablet. 

This way employees can easily access all important functionality from wherever they are. No matter whether we talk about approving Decision Points or maintaining project data, all actions can be done from all devices. 

Additionally, using the SAP Cloud Connector, it is possible to access your applications, also when not connected to a VPN. This is enabled whilst your data is securely stored at your own on-premise installations in the corporate network. SAP Cloud Connector will care of routing and answering SAP Fiori requests to your local installations and keep the setup secure. 

Have customized PPM applications which are designed to provide you with user friendly UIs and maximize the benefit you get from SAP PPM solution. 

By using BRF+ it is possible to control the authorization of individual users and to adapt the UI to the required specifications without any need to adjust the code or an implementation project. Using SAP BAdIs, you can even enhance the applications to execute custom logic or trigger processes. 

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